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Way to set up Facebook messenger on PC.

Le 1 December 2017, 07:53 dans Humeurs 0

There is no need to set up Facebook Messenger on PC because you can use it if you have a Facebook account. Facebook users don’t need to take pain of setting up messenger on PC. Messenger can be set up on mobile device only. You need to set up separately on your mobile device. And there is one benefit of using Messenger on phone ie. You don’t have to open your Facebook account every time for sending messages to your friend.


Methods to delete yahoo account

Le 25 November 2017, 06:16 dans Humeurs 0

There is only a single method by which you can delete your Yahoo mail account; that’s raising a request for deletion of your account. This is really important to understand that deletion of a Yahoo account will take a minimum 40 days to get it done; still it varies with the different geographic locations.

Before you move to delete your account; experts recommend here to take a backup of all your important conversations, mails, attachments and communications as after deletion; you can’t get back these data once again.

When you delete your Yahoo account; your associated and linked account will also get deleted. This will delete all the data and content of your account which is connected with your Yahoo Mail account.

What else will be deleted, when you delete your Yahoo account?

             Yahoo! ID

             My Yahoo! data

             Yahoo! Mail data

             Yahoo! Briefcase data

             Yahoo! GeoCities data

             Yahoo Messenger Access

             Yahoo! Address Book data

             Yahoo! Small Business data

             Flickr account including photo library, stats, and metadata

You will lose access of these accounts and their respective data, if you are using these accounts with your Yahoo ID when you delete your Yahoo account. This is recommended taking backup of your all important email, attachments, photos and other data which you want to access in future simply take backup with Help of Yahoo technical support service experts, before you delete your Yahoo account.


Now, how you delete the Yahoo account, which is no longer for your use or you don’t want to use that account any more. We have this easy-to-use step by step guide for Yahoo users to learn and understand the process. This is also required as you shouldn’t keep the account abandoned; as this may put it on the risk of hacking and misuse. You can delete it by simply using this step by step guide.